Sec’ur’e WEB Browser

It was always used to be so discomfort to me while someone using my browser. All my data is stored in my browser. It would be so uneasy to give access to my browser.

ME, when someone uses my browser without my permission

The web browser is one of the most heavily used programs on a computer or mobile device today. Because of its ubiquitous nature, it is also an extremely popular target for attackers.

If you think of your computer or mobile device as a house, then the web browser is its window onto the ‘scenery’ of the Internet — great for enjoying the view, but if left unsecured, someone outside could also use it to gain entry to your device.

Attackers typically target the web browser to either hijack or snoop on the web traffic from it, or exploit it to access the device itself, and the files saved on it.

The web browser is inarguably the most common portal for users to access the internet for any given array of consumer or business purposes. Innovative advances have allowed many traditional “thick client” apps to be replaced by the browser, enhancing its usability and ubiquity.

User-friendly features such as recording browsing history, saving credentials and enhancing visitor engagement through the use of cookies have all helped the browser become a “one stop shopping” experience

However, the browser also has the potential to betray the user through the very same options which are intended to make life easier since it serves as a ripe target for the theft of confidential data because it holds so many proverbial eggs in its basket.

So to solve this issue up to an extent we came with a new extension i.e. BROWSER LOCK.

This extension doesn’t assure you 100% security, but it will act as a wall to protect your browser from unauthorized candidates.

This extension will allow users to set password for the browser to avoid unauthorized access. Prompts for password on edge startup.

This ultra light weight extension will prompt for password on chrome/edge startup which users have to set after installing the extension…

Hope this helps all Edge/Chrome users.. No need to lock each time before exiting.

A pop-up will be opened asking to enter your password.

Enter your password to get access to your browser

Once you enter the correct password, u’ll get access to the browser.

If you

You can also change the password, according to your priorities.

To change the password, go to ‘extension details’ and enter your “Old Password” and set a “New Password” i.e. right click on your extension and click on ‘Extension Options’ and follow the steps mentioned above.

Once, you reset your password, it appears as below;

After changing your password.

Incase, if you forget your password, just remove the extension from your browser and restart your browser again.

Please don’t forgot to enable extension in incognito mode.(refer screenshots).

If your extension doesn’t load, please check your network connection and try again.

Check the extension at Git Hub.

Also I am not collecting any user data in any form..

Any queries contact me @